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NEW!!! Join Ladies Only Class Every Mon, Wed & Thu at 7:30 pm: Muay Thai Class Every Mon  & Wed at 6 Pm





Children Age 5-16 & Adults



What Membership Includes

bulletMembership Prices start at $30.00 per month, no contract!
bulletMembership includes access to the gym and use of the equipment at anytime of your convenience during hours of operation.
bullet Strength & Conditioning Class 30 min only $5.00 per person (must have at least 4 people in the class so bring a friend)
bulletU-JAM  Dance Fitness Class: ONLY $5.00 per person
bulletBootcamp (Indoor/outdoor) Ladies Only, Every Saturday at 8 am Contact Coach Kila for more information: 254-319-0131 email:
bulletGym Drop-in Fee $10.00 for all day gym use
bulletAfter a warm up (running or jumping rope), wrap your hands, put on the boxing gloves and the real fun begins! You’ll throw punches and combinations in intervals like real boxers for 10 - 15 three minute rounds within one minute break in between rounds. 
bulletCoaches (Basketball, Football, Soccer, etc.), Boxing & MMA trainers & personal trainers are welcome to bring your team / clients to the gym (see manager if interested).


Membership Prices & Class Prices

$10.00 per class (without membership) (no refunds)

Hand wraps and or boxing/training gloves are required for training.

Download Membership Form

EJK Boxing Membership

Contact Information

Phone: 254-319-0131 or 5132



pay now and start later, just remember to bring in your receipt. Your time will start when you come in (no longer than 3 months after purchase, no refunds)


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