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Boxing Life Lessons:

Boxing provides life lessons for everyone simply from the nature of the sport. There is an obstacle in front of you that you must overcome using your only your skills and without committing an illegal act to overcome that obstacle.

You have different types of of obstacles that can be laid in front of you: You can have an obstacle that is easy to overcome, you can have an obstacle that difficult to overcome, or an obstacle that seems insurmountable. It's how you deal with those obstacles within the framework of the rules that count. Do you use the easy obstacle as a training opportunity or do you blast through it and just get it over with. Do you take on the difficult obstacle and try different tactics to overcome it or use tried and true tactics and do your best. Do you take on the seemingly insurmountable obstacle and challenge yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Tactics used in trying to overcome these obstacles may differ but the goal is always the same; WIN! You may need to take a backward step or two in order to avoid being crushed by the obstacle. You might try to duck out of the way while maintaining your current position & then move forward. You might try to side step the obstacle and go at it from a different direction. You might get caught off guard and get hit or purposely just stand there and let the obstacle try and knock you over. Which ever one of the scenarios happens there will be things to remember from the choices you have made. If you blast through it don't think all obstacles will be that easy. If you need to step backwards, maintain your focus & determination to move forward. If you decide to go at it from another direction, ensure you maintain a solid plan. If you decide to take chance & let the obstacle hit you, and you are still able to move forward, continue on trying to reach you goal, if it hurts you or knocks you out, ensure you don't do that again.

Which ever tactic you use ensure you remember the lessons learned from the choices you have made, or good or bad.  Train your mind and body to hit and not get hit no matter what situation you are in. Chances of success greatly increase if you employ that strategy. Tactics used to meet that strategy may differ from person to person but none the less, the strategy  remains the same, "Don't get hit" and the goal is to "WIN." You can't win without trying.

Good Luck,

Nick, Owner/Manager, EJK Boxing & Fitness Club, LLC


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